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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Robbie Hardy Always searching….every corner, every book, hundreds of psychology sessions, hours of podcasts. Is this where I would find the answer to being truly happy? Surely one of these avenues finally has to give me the elusive answers. Fuck, I have spent a lot of time and energy on this quest for constant happiness! 

It’s confused me and frustrated me, it’s had me feeling so incredibly close to cracking the code, and I’ve also felt a million miles away. 

Finally, I’ve realised the pursuit of eternal happiness is a bullshit endeavour. 

Ironically, having this realisation has made me pretty happy. The pressure is off, life can do what life does, and I don’t have to feel like I’m failing because I’m not always jumping for joy.

I’ve learned there’s a word to describe this mindset….peace.

Peace can be a constant. With peace as the goal, hell can be raining down around you but you will be ok. You can have all the uncomfortable emotions, all the challenges, everything we are often taught to fight against, and you can let them be. Absolutely we should still work to fix our problems, but doing it from a place of peace will make the whole experience easier, we won’t be longing for the mirage of happiness in the distance, we can be ok now. Things just are.

Life is amazing, you will know happiness like never before, then it will leave. 

Life is shit, you will be absolutely miserable and question if you can continue, then be ok again.

You’ll be bored, excited, and everything in between, it’s inevitable.

There’s peace in all of it. -- 

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