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Habits - Andrea

How can we become attached to that beautiful feeling we experience after a workout, a cold ocean swim or whatever it may be that brings you that brief moment of calm? Those powerful endorphins coursing through your body, they are the happy ones, the ones that can bring you out of a slump. They can relieve you of that stagnant energy you have been carrying. It doesn’t serve you.The things that make us feel good, usually require effort and breaking away from habits that make you feel comfortable and safe. It could mean waking up in the dark, spending 5 mins meditating before you have your coffee, driving to the beach or going to bed early. It means being bigger than your biggest excuse. You are worth more than your excuses. We don’t need to completely overhaul our entire life. That is overwhelming and will most likely result in you falling into old habits. We need to make small changes, ones that are achievable and repeating these everyday, and repeat them twice on days you don’t feel like it. Consistent effort in one small area of your life, can create change in other areas. It may introduce you to a new community or make connections with others that are doing the same thing as you. I don’t find my morning meditation and stretch overly interesting but what I have noticed is, how I feel after, how I carry myself for the rest of the day and how much more patience I have. I am putting myself first and prioritising myself before anyone else in the day. My cup is full and I’m ready to give my energy out through the day to whoever needs it. Talk to your partner and express your needs. Ask for support from a friend if you need someone to make you accountable.

This is available to you every day, if you are ready!

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