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"Their message was entertaining, high energy, engaging, motivational, thought provoking, and will alter behaviours. Rise's powerful message is delivered with education but sprinkled with humour. They were empowering in a realistic and relatable way that allowed them to positively effect the audience on a level of comfort and connection that not many can achieve."

Our workshops are designed to step beyond raising awareness, but educating, empowering and teaching the everyday, practical tools we can use to start helping each other and ourselves so that people no longer have to live in silence with mental illness or poor mental health. With mental ill health and suicide on the rise, better mental health understanding and acceptance in our communities is more important than ever. It is up to us to better support, protect and respond to those in need. It is also vital that our communities gain the confidence to build a great mental health culture that’s sustainable for the future. These workshops are designed to aid in a full transformation in the way we understand, manage and respond to mental health issues for ourselves and others.


"The rise foundation came into our school - Matraville Sports High School and discussed the very important topic of mental health. It was a great day as we participated in various activities such as fitness, nutritional and mental health talks and this is a much needed day, especially for young adolescents going through high school and changes. I will be able to use the mindfulness skills I learnt on this day way into my future. I would highly recommend this program for all High School kids."

- Zoe Cass,  Matraville Sports High School

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