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A new way of building, supporting, and inspiring high school students.


Scaffolding is a structure used to support and to aid in construction, maintenance and repair. Scaffolds are widely used to get access to heights and areas that would be otherwise hard to get to.

Our Scaffolding for Students program empowers students to be ready to face what life will throw at them and enables them with the tools to recognise signs and to help those around them. We talk WITH students, and not TO them, so that we can  bring high school students not just an educational program, but something that is highly relatable, easy to use and just like scaffolding should, support them in their learning and growth.

Let us help you get the best out of your students

"The Rise Foundation came into our school and discussed the very important topic of mental health. It was a great day as we participated in various activities such as fitness, nutritional and mental health talks and this is a much needed day, especially for young adolescents going through high school changes. I will be able to use the mindfulness skills I learnt on the day way into my future. I would highly recommend this program for high school kids."

- Zoe, Matraville Sports High 

What our program covers

  • Mental health education.

  • The signs and symptoms of common mental health issues

  • Tools and techniques on how to help ourselves and others, including :

    • How to communicate and listen effectively

    • Questions you should ask

    • Phrasing difficult talking points

    • Handling challenging situations such as suicide

    • How to provide immediate or ongoing support

  • Physical fitness including :

    • Exercise

    • Nutrition

    • Breathing and movement

  • Accounting / Budgeting

  • Goal setting

  • Resilience

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