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-Founder and Director

-Mental Health First Aid Master Instructor

-Mental Health Response Instructor

-International Lived Experience speaker

-YAM ( Youth Aware of Mental Health ) Instructor

-Australia Day Award recipient

Using over 30 years experience living with a mental illness, Ben isn’t your average every day presenter delivering a boring presentation. The real, raw, honest approach to life, what it can throw at us, what we can be presented with, and more importantly how we face it. Ben's focus is on educating and teaching the everyday practical tools we can use so that people no longer have to live in silence with mental illness or poor mental health.


Ben engages with communities coming together for a common cause creating events such as Ratfest, PPP4SPA, Walk it Off and Hitting The Road. Having worked with organisations such as Suicide Prevention Australia and Black Dog institute, In 2016 Ben was invited to the United States National conference on behavioural health and more recently in 2019 a guest speaker at the International Bi Polar Foundation international conference.

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